Social Responsibility
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Achieva Care ('关爱计划')

'Achieva Care', is a charity activity initiated by Achieva Medical in 2012.  Every year, Achieva will set apart a certain proportion of the fund to help those patients who could not afford interventional therapy for lacking of a small amount of money.


Long Jouney of Love ('爱心长征') Volunteer Program

May 21st, 2010, under the leadership of Professor Ling Feng and Professor Wu ZhongXue, organized by Society of China Neuro Surgeon, and sponsored by Achieva, a Volunteer Program entitled '爱心长征' launched in Beijing.  Over sixty physicians signed up the program to provide advanced interventional coil embolization treatment for patients from poor counties in China, and to offer these poor patients and local physicians free lectures on CVD standard treatment procedures and health care.

Achieva Medical provided 100 Jasper Coils for free to this Volunteer Program, and Mr. Yi Zhang, President of Achieva, extended his appreciation to this program for which provided a platform for those companies started by overseas return talents like his own to contribute to the society.


After six years of research and development, Jasper Detachable Coils by Achieva Medical, changed the fact that there is no Chinese product in Chinese Neurointervention field.  "You and I, together we are miracle."  To fulfil this goal, Achieva will continue her efforts to provide the best products for Chinese patients from poor areas, and to help them enjoy healty life brought by this local produced product with state-of-arts quality.