Medical Case
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Case 1:

In August 2009, Dr. Tevah from Department of Radiology, Hospital Clínico, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile, successfully completed a clinical study to treat 6 patients with Jasper coils.  The clinical study included six-month follow up with DSA.  At least 90% post-treatment (acute) occlusion was achieved in all six patients.  The degree of occlusion remained stable after six months – at least 90% occlusion for all six patients.  All six patients exhibited no periprocedural or postprocedural adverse events.

Male patient, 30 years old. Aneurysm was treated with four Jasper coils: 





Clinical Outcome Evaluation: 100% aneurysm occlusion post-treatment (acute); 100% aneurysm occlusion with six month DSA follow-up.


Pre-treatment angiogram      

  (Acute) DSA angiogram 


              Six Month Follow-up angiogram


Case 2: 

Female patient, 65 years old, unconsciousness 1 day; CT: Spontaneous SAH; PCoA aneurysm: 4.73*4.03*5.42mm.  Aneurysm was treated with 5 Jasper coils:








Coiling intraprocedure

         (Acute) DSA angiogram


Case 3:

Male patient, 50 years old, blurred vision 4 months, hypertension 5 years, aneurysm 17*13mm

Pre-treatment angiogram   
                       Pre-treatment angiogram   

           Intraprocedure, Jasper 3D with good framing
                             Post treatment angiogram