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Achieva Attended OCIN 2017
Time:2017/10/30 11:44:19      [Return]

17th Oriental Conference of Interventional Neuroradiology(OCIN 2017) was successfully held from Oct.27th to Oct. 30th in Shanghai. This year’s conference is the biggest of all time, roughly 3000 representatives had attended the meeting. As a member of China interventional neuroradiology business, Achieva had also actively attended this conference.

During this year’s OCIN 2017, Achieva had officially launched Presgo® Microcatheter and Presgo® Microwire. Achieva was very honored to have Prof. Lianting Ma, Prof. Derang Jiao, Prof. Tielin Li and Prof. Zhongxue Wu, four masters who have experienced the birth and development of Chinese interventinal neuroradiology, with us to witness this important moment.

On the first day of the conference, Prof. Ming Yang from Wuhan General Hospital of PLA Guangzhou military region had given a presentation with the title “ Presgo® Micro-catheter with reliable performance”. He thinks that as a Chinese made product, Presgo® Micro-catheter has great tip shape retention and flexibility which meets clinical need. The markers on the tip are clearly viable under DSA. And the coating on the inner lumen is durable enough to provide consistent patency during the surgery.

With the official launch of Presgo® Microcatheter and Presgo® Microwire, a lot of physicians had visited Achieva’s exhibition booth for information and product trial. Besides these two new products, Achieva’s second generation neurovasular embolization coil-- Presgo® mechanical detachable coil system had also deeply impressed the physicians with its technology contents, especially its simple, convenient, safe and reliable detachment design. With the successful ending of OCIN2017, Achieva’s Presgo® Microcatheter and Presgo® Microwire will be released in November.

Achieva is dedicated in becoming the Chinese comprehensive supplier of neurointerventional devices. The whole company is working closely to overcome difficulties and accelerate in the path of achieving our goals. We will try our best to launch a new product every year.

We are looing forward seeing you again in the OCIN next year.